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Just Right For your Family.

🚀 Quick, risk-free, and fun-packed! Don't miss out on this chance for skateboarding adventure and skill-building.  Book Now: Your child's skate journey starts here!


    Every month
    Skate on Your Terms' - Ideal for adaptable schedules, 4 classes per month to fit your family
    • 4 X 1-hour classes per month, flexible scheduling.
    • Join a small group for personalized attention.
    • Choose from weekend classes, with the option to catch up if
    • Includes Progress Passbook and Dragons TEAM Uniform shirt.
    • Invitations to special SkateDragons events.

    8 Group Classes Any Session | 3 months Validity
    Valid for 3 months
    • Great Value: 8 X 1-Hr Play-Based Life Skills Classes
    • Convenient: You choose Sat or Sun
    • Flexible: Rebook Your Make-Up class online
    • Rewards: SkateDragons receive token progress rewards

    All-Star-Pass Gives You Access To Book Any Group Class
    Valid for one year
    • Attend 1 X 1 Hour Class Per Week, All Year
    • Join a small Team for personalized attention.
    • Includes Progress Passbook and Dragons TEAM Uniform shirt.
    • Two exclusive 1-hour Skills Accelerator coaching sessions.
    • 50% off Urban Adventure Camp, saving $400.
    • Full SkateDragons TEAM Kit and access to special events.

The SkateDragons' Journey

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Welcome to the "Journey," the next step in your child's adventure with SkateDragons. Congratulations on completing the Fun-Start program and getting your child comfortable on a skateboard.

Now it's time to take their skills to the next level and help them develop important life skills that will benefit them both on and off the board. The "Journey" is a multi-step progressive program designed to help your child become a confident, skilled skateboarder while also building character and resilience.


The "Journey" is about more than just the physical skill of skateboarding; it's about the mental and emotional growth that comes with mastering a new skill. We can't wait to see your child thrive on the "Journey" and invite you to register them now to secure their spot in the program.

Our Team of Coaches Facilitate Outdoor Fun, Life Skills and Adventure Camps, Activities and Skateboarding Courses For Kids Aged 6-12 Years. These Programs Are Fun, Challenging, and Specifically Help Develop a Childs' Focus, Motivation and Grit. 

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