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It Gets Even Better!

As soon as your lil Dragon has successfully completed the FUN-START experience or a Holiday Camp, you would have unlocked access to the enriching opportunities of the LSAP "Journey".  Before we go there, I want to acknowledge and commend you on the first step you've taken toward helping your child develop essential life skills through the exciting world of skateboarding.  Well Done!

Ready to explore the "Journey" with me?  


Ok. Equipped with the skills learned at the FUN-START or the Holiday Camp your lil Dragon is now prepared for the next step. If you haven't already discussed with them and decided to quit or carry on, they will be looking for you to guide them to take the next step.


This is where we come in. Like a martial arts program where kids progress through levels represented by belts, the Life Skills and Adventure Learning Program (LSAP) is progressive. This provides a pathway for kids to build on the skills learned in the FUN-START or Camp and guide them through each level. With a focus on fun and adventure, your child will learn and develop greater focus, motivation, self-confidence and resilience. I'm thrilled to share with you.....

The Pathway to Greater Focus, Motivation and Grit!

The Life Skills and Adventure Learning Program (LSAP)The prgram integrates dynamic skateboarding experiences with the broader objectives of LSAP, which focuses on developing essential life skills and fostering personal growth in children. Through the Avengers program, kids engage in exciting, play-based activities, contributing to the comprehensive skill-building approach of LSAP.

SkateDragons Team T'shirt - the Red of success of the Skate Dragos


SkateDragons progress passbook, the tool to set goals and monitor progress
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Get Rollin' This Weekend   

Meet Our Leadership Team


Coach Hanson

Hanson is the founder and master coach of Dragons Adventure Camps. A 30+ year mentor, he created transformative programs, events, books and courses - tools families access to empower themselves. His resilience-building strategies guide parents and youth to lead adventurous, brave lives through teamwork and perseverance.

Coach Zenn Profile.jpg

Coach Zenn

Coach Zenn brings over a decade of leadership experience from SkateSports mentored by founder Hanson. Skilled in ice skating, rollerblading, and skateboarding, he excels at empowering young athletes. Zenn's coaching builds resilience and leadership through sports, guiding youth to develop perseverance on and off the field.


Coach Andy

Coach Andy began his journey with Hanson at age 14, advancing from student to assistant to certified coach/mentor over 20+ years. A father of two, he brings personal passion for empowering men to foster resilient, happy families. Andy's deep commitment to mastery and empathetic approach make him a wonderful coach.

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