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100,000+ Kids Have Graduated With Greater Focus, Motivation & Grit!

Unlocking their special gifts

We believe all children have the gifts of learning, self-expression, leadership and creativity. To activate and develop these gifts they need both structured and unstructured play.  Get ready to discover the unique benefits of the SkateDragons play-based-learning programs


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The biggest challenge.

The recent world events have caused a lot of disruption to family routines, but one thing that's often overlooked is the impact that these disruptions have on children.

Play is essential to children's learning, development, confidence and well-being. When we're forced to change our daily schedules and routines, it can be difficult for kids to focus on schoolwork or play with friends. This can lead to them feeling anxious or stressed out—even if they don't realize it!

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Activating kids' passion to learn

The SkateDragons "Life Skills on Skateboards" Program is a 360-degree approach to a child’s overall wellbeing.

Based on extensive research and incorporating the extensive experience of SkateDragons Founder Mr. Hanson Barry, the program incorporates the success skill sets to empower children with the knowledge, experience, and confidence to unlock their full potential.

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What's Best For You?

Since 2021, well over 100,000 students have graduated from 1-3 Dragon programs. We now invite you to consider our philosophy, our play-and-learn approach and decide whether there's a fit for your kids. Next, simply complete this fast-track application. 


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The Team Responsible for the fun & learning

We welcome your kids with open arms and treat them with love and respect as if they were our own kids.

We are honored and humbled to support many parents whose goal is to help their children reach their fullest potential. We achieve this by creating an environment that challenges our students' abilities in order for them develop greater focus, motivation and grit. Our credentials:

ISCC Certified Coaches, NROC Certified, First Aid Certified, Early Childhood Teaching, Play-Based-Learning, Life Skills & Adventure, 100,000+ students since 2001

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Since 2001, Our Team of Coaches Facilitate Outdoor Fun, Life Skills and Adventure Camps, Activities and Skateboarding Courses For Kids Aged 6-12 Years. These Programs Are Fun, Challenging, and Specifically Help Develop a Childs' Focus, Motivation and Grit. 

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