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Ready, Set, Roll Into The New Term!

🌟 Give Your Child the Most Fun & Enriching Experience
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If your kiddo has expressed an interest in skateboarding, or you've been looking for a safe, fun, and enriching program to develop their focus, motivation, and GRIT, you're in the right place. We're here to help parents get kids started the right way, and our new term classes are just what you're looking for!

For our returning SkateDragons, welcome back!
We're thrilled to have you join us for another term of fun and learning. Feel free to fast-track to the booking page below to secure your spot for the new term.

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SkateDragons Camps

More Than Just Skateboarding

🌟 Life Skills Developed While Having Fin, On Skateboards! 🌟
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Last year, hundreds of little SkateDragons joined the Fun-Start and had a blast with the fun, games, and adventure. Yes, climbing, running, parkour, adventure games, and more - our program is so much more than just skateboarding skills and drills. It's a holistic experience that your child will love!


At SkateDragons, we believe in the power of play. Our new term classes are designed to activate and maintain your child's passion to play and learn. With our gamified progress system, kids focus on the fun, earning badges and filling their progress passbooks, while parents can see the measurable outcomes in their child's development.


Maybe This Is What They Need, Right Now!

💯 Guaranteed Results and Outcomes - We Stand By It! 💯

Whether your child is just starting their skateboarding journey or looking to level up their skills, our new term classes are the perfect opportunity. Centrally located at Somerset (Orchard)  offering a fresh and thrilling experience every time.


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Take the first step in transforming your child's journey rom ow till the end of the year by securing their spot today.