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Skateboarding Experience


What is "FUN-START"

We get it. Encouraging kids to unplug and engage in enjoyable, rewarding outdoor activities can be tough. Plus, it's essential to discover fantastic programs and trustworthy, likable coaches.

That's why we've created the SkateDragons FUN-START Experience!

The FUN-START Experience is a proven 1-hour adventure that merges the exhilaration of skateboarding with our unique life skills and adventure learning curriculum.

As for us? We're a team of certified coaches committed to equipping young minds with the essential life skills to flourish!


With over 100,000 kids having successfully completed our classes, camps, and activities, we're proud to foster self-confidence, motivation, and resilience in the next generation!

Play-Based Experience....,
with Intention

We're offering parents and their kids the perfect opportunity to dive in with a complete one-hour FUN-START Experience.

Normally, parents would pay $38+ for a small group class led by a professional coach. However, your FUN-START Experience provides your child with EVERYTHING they need to begin their journey and fall in love with learning, all for a nominal fee.

You might be asking, "What's the catch?"

We understand that some websites might lure you in with a great deal only to disappoint you with a subpar program. Rest assured, that's not our style.

Our ultimate goal is for your kids to have an amazing time, make new friends, and build a strong foundation for a lasting relationship with us.

The choice is yours. Book a FUN-START Experience now, and we'll guide you every step of the way!

The FUN-START Method

Is FUN-START right for your child?

  • your child is 6-12yrs and is keen to try fun activities 

  • you know that getting off screens and outside to PLAY will boost their happiness and well-being , and or

  • you've been looking for the right coach with the passion,  experience, and qualifications to help your child get started skateboarding the right way,


Choose Your Fun-Start 

The easy and fun way to get your kids started Checkout everything you're getting

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60-Minute "FUN-START" experience.

Discover how easy it is to get started right 


Learn skate equipment essentials
Correct fitting & use. BYO Knee guards + Helmet

Enjoy the "Adventure Warm-Up" 

To engage the mind/body / spirit of learning

Discover the Dragons 3-Step Method

The easiest / most fun way to learn new skills

 BONUS:   "Dragons Progress Passbook" 

to engage the mind, body, and spirit of learning

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We welcome your kids with open arms and treat them with love and respect as if they were our own kids. We are honored and humbled to support many parents whose goal is to help their children reach their fullest potential. We achieve this by creating an environment that challenges our students' abilities in order for them develop greater focus, motivation and grit. Our credentials: ISCC Certified Coaches, NROC Certified, First Aid Certified, Early Childhood Teaching, Play-Based-Learning, Life Skills & Adventure, 100,000+ students since 2001

The Team responsible for the fun and learning

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Since 2001, Our Team of Coaches Facilitate Outdoor Fun, Life Skills and Adventure Camps, Activities and Skateboarding Courses For Kids Aged 6-12 Years. These Programs Are Fun, Challenging, and Specifically Help Develop a Childs' Focus, Motivation and Grit. 

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