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Savvy Dragon Parents, Secure Their Child's Spot for a Seamless Return to School!

Picture this: Mom Dragon returns home well-rested from a long flight, only to squawk with fire as she scrambles to secure the last remaining spots for her little Dragons.

The hustle and stress are real. Little Dragons run for cover, scared of Mom Dragon’s fiery squawks. But then there's the savvy Mom Dragon who planned ahead.

She enjoyed her holidays knowing her kids' back-to-school prep was sorted. Her nest was safe, and everything was ready to roll when they landed back in their dragon den.

Our Savvy Dragons Term Pass for mid-August to early December is your ticket to a hassle-free start. And here's the kicker – 87% of our community already knows the secret. Will you join them?

With our Dragon Method, your little Dragons (ages 6-13) will:

  • Attend weekly classes, same time, same place, every week for the term.

  • Learn life and skate skills in small, focused groups.

  • Enjoy rain, hail, or shine sessions at Somerset or Stadium.

The pass includes:

  • Progress Passbook to track your Dragon’s journey

  • Dragon Team T-shirt to boost team spirit

  • New commemorative "Year Of The Dragon" uniform shirt

  • Achievement Badges to celebrate progress

  • Weekly Class Reports for parents

  • End-of-Term Certificate to mark accomplishments

  • NEW THIS TERM: Super Dragon BLACK uniform for those who passed Level 4, custom with their name on the shirt

Secure your spot now and relax knowing your back-to-school prep is sorted. Be the savvy parent oops, "Dragon" who helps their lil Dragon hit the ground rollin' into the New Term! LINK: CLICK HERE CODE: "EARLY-DRAGON" (do not include the " " ) NOTE: Add the Coupon AFTER adding to cart / at the Checkout page.

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