SUN8AM | SOM | L4-8 | Aug-Dec

Weekly on Sundays for 6-12yrs, Levels 1-3 (beginner-intermediate)

Service Description

DRAGONS - TERM PASS. | COVID COMPLIANT | SML GRP <6* | One booking for the 20 week period. Classes are on every week however we have adjusted the price down to factor in the several weeks you might take off for your family holidays. Yes, the Term Pass is a simple and easy booking for the Term, in fact, 87% of our students choose the Term Pass for all their skating fun and learning. About the "Dragon Method" The classes are specifically created to help children aged 6-12 years "Dragons", develop greater focus, motivation and grit. This is achieved by leveraging the power of our Dragons Method which combines the essence of "Play-Based-Learning" on skateboards together with Social, Emotional Learning strategies. Dragon Curriculum Dragons follow a Life Skills and Skate Skills development path Skills are introduced, practised, developed and monitored Dragons attend one x 60-minute group class every week Same time, same place and the same team of coaches Groups consist of ard 4 Dragons all of which are of similar proficiency It's ideal that 6-year-olds can be in a team with 10 or even 11-year-olds Classes are on rain, hail or shine (get any update in the app) What's All That's Included? ⭐ "Progress Passbook" so you can monitor & encourage your Dragons' progress ⭐ "Dragon Team T" uniform to boost self-confidence and sense of team ⭐ "Dragon Achievement Badges" to celebrate progress over perfection ⭐ "Dragon Team Class Reports" every week inside the Parents Private group ⭐ "Dragon Certificate" and end of term celebration Location: The default location for classes will be Somerset Skate Park. In the event of rain, park closure or any other unforeseen reason the use of the park is not possible, we will relocate to the nearest possible alternative location. Team Size * To meet the objectives of the program, the usual class size is 4-6 NOTE: All Members Receive generous rebates on classes and camps. If you have attended one or more of our programs you may qualify for the Veteran Membership otherwise, subscribe for a membership today # IF for any reason the situation changes and the Authorities introduce restrictions that we cannot provide classes for your kids, we will honour a full credit in your favour.  

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You may cancel your package, class or camp booking at any time. As you will understand, we commit considerable time effort and money in the preparation of these activities as such we would appreciate your time to reach out to us and discuss how we may be able to come to an amicable outcome. Details: