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Welcome To SkateDragons Club!

If your kiddo has expressed an interest in skateboarding or you've been looking for a safe, fun and enriching program to develop their focus, motivation and GRIT, this maybe just what you're looking for.

 We're Helping Parents Get Kids Started the Right Way 


Last year hundreds of lil SkateDragons joined the Fun-Start and enjoyed the fun, games and adventure.  Yeah, climbing, running, parkour, adventure games and more - the program is so much more than just skateboarding skills and drills :) 
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100,000+ Kids Have Graduated With Greater Focus, Motivation & Grit!

The POWER of Play

We believe all children have the gifts of learning, self-expression, leadership and creativity. To activate and develop these gifts they need both structured and unstructured play. 


No doubt, kids get ample doses of structured play at school however, to develop a child's self-confidence, focus, motivation and grit, you'll find that activating (and maintaining) a child's passion to play and learn is the key!

SkateDragons Parents

Activating kids' passion to Play & learn

The SkateDragons "Life Skills on Skateboards" Program is a 360-degree approach to a child’s overall wellbeing.

Based on extensive research and incorporating the extensive experience of SkateDragons Founder Mr. Hanson Barry, the program incorporates the success skill sets to empower children with the knowledge, experience, and confidence to activate their passion unlock their special gifts.

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Where & When?

Classes are conducted at various locations around Singapore. The most popular locations are: Somerset Skate Park, Stadium Skate Park and East Coast Xtreme Skate Park 

Group classes are conducted throughout the weekend whereas Private Coaching is typically scheduled on weekday afternoons and at selected times on the weekend. 


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2023 Programs.
Play & Learning Like None Other!

Since 2021, well over 100,000 students have graduated from 1-3 Dragon programs. We now invite you to consider our philosophy, and our play-and-learn approach and decide whether there's a fit for your kids. Next, Simply choose how you'd like to get your kids rollin' this year.


Whether your kids are just getting started or they're continuing their journey with us, the 10X-PASS is the ideal pass. Choose any 10 classes over Saturday or Sundays 

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Now it's easier than ever for your kids to get started right!  Choose a "FUN-START" pass to secure a 1-hour skateboarding experience like none other! "FUN!" 



Discover famous Urban Adventure Camps. Location independent (Campers go to many locations), 5x fun-filled days, (9am-3.30pm), 10x multi-sports, and adventure missions. One of a kind!  

Limited To the 1st 5 Per Team

2023 Programs