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Empower Your Kids With SkateDragons 

  Where Kids Unleash Their Potential Through Fun and Learning.   

Welcome To SkateDragons Club!

If your kiddo has expressed an interest in skateboarding or you've been looking for a safe, fun and enriching program to develop their focus, motivation and GRIT, this maybe just what you're looking for.

 We're Helping Parents Get Kids Started the Right Way 


Welcome to SkateDragons – where adventure and fun meet skateboarding! Are you ready to give your little dragon the gift of a lifetime?
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SkateDragons Parents

The POWER of Play

At SkateDragons, we believe that skateboarding is more than just a sport – it's a way of life. That's why we've created a program that not only teaches kids how to skateboard but also helps them build confidence, resilience, and a love for adventure. 


No doubt, kids get ample doses of structured play at school however, to develop a child's self-confidence, focus, motivation and grit, you'll find that activating (and maintaining) a child's passion to play and learn is the key!

Activating kids' passion to Play & Learn

The SkateDragons "Life Skills & Adventure Program (LSAP) is a 360-degree approach to a child’s overall well-being.

Based on extensive research and incorporating the extensive experience of SkateDragons Founder Mr. Hanson Barry, the program empowers students with the knowledge, experience, and confidence to activate their passion and unlock their special gifts.

SkateDragons Salute

  One Team, One Goal. Awesome Experiences Skateboarding!  


Your Child's Path to Mastery

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The Life Skills and Adventure Learning Program (LSAP)The prgram integrates dynamic skateboarding experiences with the broader objectives of LSAP, which focuses on developing essential life skills and fostering personal growth in children. Through the Avengers program, kids engage in exciting, play-based activities, contributing to the comprehensive skill-building approach of LSAP.




Dragons LSAP have 8 levels of progression 


SkateDragons' 30-Day Trial: Limited Spots, Maximum Fun!

Secure one of the exclusive 6 spots per team!  Choose Saturday or Sunday for 1 hour classes. Don't miss out on this chance for skateboarding adventure and skill-building.  Book Now: Your child's skate journey starts here!

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