1. Skate parks are closed to the public. As a registered skate club, we are authorised to conduct classes in these skate parks however there are restrictions. As such, our classes and camps are typically oversubscribed. If you see ONE or TWO spots available, snap them up otherwise, keep an eye out for our notifications of NEW classes we release.

2. Booking for Term-Pass closes before the start of Term.  Monthly-Passes are available for booking throughout the term but are limited. Check dates / avail in both Teams A and B to secure your classes  

3. NEW: We have JUST added additional class options for you. IF you check and see that L1-3-A or L4-8-A  (Level-1-3) team A on any specific date and time have booked out, you can now check L1-3 or L4-8 team B  (more options)