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Where Holidays Unfold Epic Stories

Next holidays, let your child be part of an adventure where fun meets growth, and excitement fuels learning.


DRAGONS Camp isn't just another holiday program; it's a proven journey of discovery and empowerment for kids aged 8-13. With a unique blend of thrilling adventures and life-enriching lessons set against the vibrant backdrop of Singapore, we offer more than just a break from school—we provide a launchpad for life.


A WIN/WIN for kids and parents!
What do kids crave? Adventure, fun, and freedom. What do parents value? Safety, growth, and meaningful experiences.

At DRAGONS Adventure Camp, we've mastered the perfect blend. With over 100,000 kids joining our ranks and leaving with smiles, stories, and newfound skills, the verdict is clear: we know what makes a summer unforgettable for kids and invaluable for parents. Keep scrolling to discover the DRAGONS difference.

The  Dragon's Magic!? 

Where Adventure Meets Transformation. At DRAGONS Urban Adventure Camp, we redefine the holiday camp experience. Spearheaded by Hanson, our visionary founder with over 25 years of pioneering adventure learning, we've crafted a unique formula: Play-Based Life Skills & Adventure Learning. This approach isn't just innovative; it's our secret to unlocking each child's potential. A Legacy of Empowerment With more than 100,000 adventurers embarking on this journey with us, the proof is in the stories of transformation. In our world, play isn't just play—it's the pathway to mastering life's essential skills. Our camps go beyond mere entertainment; they are incubators for personal growth, resilience, and discovery. Guides to Greatness > Our coaches are more than mentors; they are architects of adventure, equipped to guide your child on a journey of self-discovery and limitless possibilities. Each camp is a step towards nurturing confidence, motivation, and the courage to face any challenge. > Transformative Impact Joining DRAGONS Camp means being part of a legacy where over 100,000 children have not only found joy but have emerged stronger, more confident, and equipped for the adventures of life. It's here that kids don't just dream of becoming heroes—they become them.


Get Them Ready to Explore & Have a BLAST!

At DRAGONS Camp, we've mastered the art of creating summer experiences that resonate with what kids love and parents appreciate. Here's why our camp stands out as the summer highlight for families

  • Tailored Adventures: Every child's interests and dreams guide our camp adventures. From urban exploration to nature treks, we ensure a personalized journey that captivates and challenges.

  • Beyond Fun: While fun is at the heart of everything we do, our camps are designed to foster growth. Campers leave with enhanced life skills—confidence, teamwork, and resilience—equipped for the adventures of life.

  • Safety as Priority: Your child's safety is our top concern. With expertly trained staff and small group sizes, we provide a secure environment where kids can freely explore and learn.

  • Dynamic Learning: Our unique blend of play-based learning and adventure ensures that no two days are the same. Campers engage in a variety of activities, ensuring they're always excited, never bored.

  • Community and Friendship: DRAGONS Camp is where lifelong friendships are forged. In an atmosphere of mutual respect and collaboration, children learn the value of working together and supporting one another.

 5-Days.  10 Adventures.  Unlimited Fun!! 

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   Every Camp Is unique   
    Location independent    
   15+ Missions to choose from  

Sample schedule  - Note, the camp is location independent, no fixed location. Missions. We have a wide variety of missions to activate based on the ability of the campers and the weather,

What Will Your Camper Do Each Day?

Unlock your child's potential at DRAGONS Camp! Designed for 8-13 year-olds, this 5-day adventure is more than a holiday camp—it's a journey of growth, learning, and fun. Here's what to expect:

Dynamic Adventures: Through 10 exciting missions, your child will dive into play-based learning, tackling challenges that build resilience and leadership.

Discover & Explore: Set in Singapore's stunning landscapes, each mission is an adventure, encouraging discovery and a deeper understanding of themselves and the world.

Grow & Thrive: Campers develop crucial life skills—focus, motivation, grit—transforming challenges into achievements and fostering emotional growth.

Lasting Friendships & Confidence: Amid diverse activities like skateboarding, urban cycling, and rock climbing, your child will make friends for life and boost their self-confidence.

Memorable Outcomes: Beyond fun, your child returns with invaluable life skills, ready to face life's adventures with confidence and a positive mindset.


Jungle Trekking

Urban Bowling

Ice Skating


Urban Cycling

Ball Sports

Water Sports



Goal Setting

Rock Climbing


Urban Skating

Street Art

Meet The Coaches