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Empower Your Family Through Skateboarding!

SkateDragons Salute To Acknowledge Thir Commitment to Safe, Fun, Skateboarding Together

More Than Just Skateboarding!

🌟 Life Skills Developed While Having Fin, On Skateboards! 🌟

Last year, hundreds of little SkateDragons joined the Fun-Start and had a blast with the fun, games, and adventure. Yes, climbing, running, parkour, adventure games, and more - our program is so much more than just skateboarding skills and drills. It's a holistic experience that your child will love!


At SkateDragons, we believe in the power of play. Our weekly classes are designed to activate and maintain your child's passion to play and learn. With our gamified progress system, kids focus on the fun, earning badges and filling their progress passbooks, while parents can see the measurable outcomes in their child's development.


Your Child's Path to Mastery

The Life Skills and Adventure Learning Program (LSAP)The prgram integrates dynamic skateboarding experiences with the broader objectives of LSAP, which focuses on developing essential life skills and fostering personal growth in children. Through the Avengers program, kids engage in exciting, play-based activities, contributing to the comprehensive skill-building approach of LSAP.

SkateDragons skater showing off her new SkateDragons t-shirt


SkateDragons Progress Passport. The ideal way to set goals, master the skills and record progress
SkateDragons team t'shirt, boom!

Dragons LSAP have 8 levels of progression 

7 Key Reasons Why Kids Should Join

SkateDragons is all about family and community

  One Team, One Goal. Awesome Experiences Skateboarding!  

Get Rollin'   This Weekend   

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FUN-START Experience.
The right way to help your kids get started skateboarding. Discover The Fun and Learning Experiences That Await Your Family at the SkateDragons Fun Start! 

Limited FREE sessions every week!


FLEXI-PASS Convenience
Ideal For For Busy Families And Those Who Appreciate Scheduling Flexibility. You choose any 4 classes over 4 weeks. Book, Cancel, Reschedule At Your Will. 

Flexible Class Booking Options

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Your Coach Your Bespoke Program
Ideal for kids and or parents who are keen to get started right however prefer a more exclusive experience or just want to accelerate their learning journey.

Bespoke Options For 1:1 or Group

The Team responsible for the fun and learning

We welcome your kids with open arms and treat them with love and respect as if they were our own kids. We are honored and humbled to support many parents whose goal is to help their children reach their fullest potential. We achieve this by creating an environment that challenges our students' abilities in order for them develop greater focus, motivation and grit. Our credentials: ISCC Certified Coaches, NROC Certified, First Aid Certified, Early Childhood Teaching, Play-Based-Learning, Life Skills & Adventure, 100,000+ students since 2001

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