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Hundreds of kiddos had a blast at last year's Holiday AVENGERS program so... we thought your lil Dragon might like it too.  We're mindful that, after a term at school, classes, structure and increased screen time, it's VERY important for them to get out of classrooms, off the screens and outside to P L A Y.

  We're Helping Parents Get Kids Outside To Play These Holidays!

We created the Skate Avengers Holiday program to especially help kids unwind play and recharge. Last year hundreds of lil Dragons enjoyed skating, climbing trees, playing parkour, other play cool games and they sometimes yelled and screamed with laughter - that's all good for them :)


How it works:

  1. You simply take up one of the EXTRA VALUE offers to buy a Fun-Start Holiday Pass (for new students) or Holiday Pass (For Members)

  2. Then, you will receive a class schedule of 20+ class times per week, choose all the classes you want and that's it.

Note: The Holiday Pass is valid from late November till late January 2023 so, you have SO many weeks and so many classes to choose from, easy.

Quick Summary

  The first 5 students per team  

  4 X 1-Hr "Fun-Start" classes  

  1X Class Passbook 

 1 X Dragon uniform dry-fit 


As soon as you book your Fun-Start, you'll get;

  •  a confirmation email with your pass.

  • we will help secure your preferred class day/time

Oh, and in case you're wondering ...

Parents usually pay $38-128* (*1;1) per class however,  your Fun-Start gives you EVERYTHING your kiddo needs to get started and LOVE learning for a fraction of this.

... so you might wonder what's the "catch".

And,  I know there are some websites out there that offer you a great deal on something but then they stick you in some lack-luster program. (right!)

This isn't one of them.

My hope is that your kids will have a great time, make friends, and learn skateboarding the right way and this will be the start of a good relationship.  SKIP TO THE BOTTOM to get your exclusive 1 time offer...


Activating kids' passion to learn

The SkateDragons "Life Skills on Skateboards" Program is a 360-degree approach to a child’s overall wellbeing.

Based on extensive research and incorporating the extensive experience of SkateDragons Founder Mr. Hanson Barry, the program incorporates the success skill sets to empower children with the knowledge, experience, and confidence to activate their passion unlock their special gifts.

SkateDragons Salute

The Team responsible for the fun and learning

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We welcome your kids with open arms and treat them with love and respect as if they were our own kids. We are honored and humbled to support many parents whose goal is to help their children reach their fullest potential. We achieve this by creating an environment that challenges our students' abilities in order for them develop greater focus, motivation and grit. Our credentials: ISCC Certified Coaches, NROC Certified, First Aid Certified, Early Childhood Teaching, Play-Based-Learning, Life Skills & Adventure, 100,000+ students since 2001

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Where & When?

Classes are conducted at various locations around Singapore. The most popular locations are: Somerset Skate Park, Stadium Skate Park and East Coast Xtreme Skate Park 

Group classes are conducted throughout the weekend whereas Private Coaching is typically scheduled on weekday afternoons and at selected times on the weekend. 

The Avengers Holiday Program is available during school holidays. These classes are focussed on helping kids get outside and have FUN.  Avengers is conducted at Somerset exclusively - There is SO MUCH to do there!!


Book A Holiday Pass


1.  Book your
2. Choose your classes from the SCHEDULE
3. Receive your Onboarding presentation