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Together we can

Invite your friends to join our SkateDragons community and enrich the journey together! As parents, we understand the significant role friends, family, teachers, and coaches play in our kids' lives.


Together, we can reinforce our family values and build essential life skills. We all know kids often engage and behave a bit better outside the loving bubble of home!


Our coaches are here to inspire and teach in a fun, supportive environment. Join us in fostering a vibrant network where every skate session is an adventure in growth and joy.

Why Join DragonsUnited

As parents, we know the power of strong community ties. DragonsUnited not only strengthens these connections but also brings extra joy through unique rewards. While we're all about enriching experiences, a little fun perk never hurts!



  • Every referral strengthens our community, supports local events, and expands our ability to offer empowering programs. Together, we make a bigger impact!

Rewards Details:

  • To make sharing even more delightful, we offer fun and appealing incentives like exclusive merchandise, special event access, or food vouchers whenever you invite a friend. These tokens are our way of saying thank you for being such a vital part of our community.​

How It Works

  • Click any one of the icons share the message with your friends

  • MAKE SURE they key you email address during checkout "Who Referred You?"  that's it :) 

    When they register for any class or camp, YOU and THEY will both receive the gifts

Start Sharing Today

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